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Search Work mobile App for Task-related Services. Either Full-Time or Part Time.

Search Work mobile App is a platform designed to connect users with skilled workers who can assist with various tasks and services. Whether it’s home repairs, gardening, cleaning, or any other service-oriented task, this application aims to simplify the process of finding and hiring suitable workers. By leveraging modern technology and a user-friendly interface, the application offers a convenient solution for users seeking reliable and competent workers.




  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Development
  • Testing


  • React Native
  • Firebase
  • SQL

Problem and Solution



When users try to find workers related to their specific tasks, they often encounter a range of challenges. One common problem is limited availability, as users may struggle to find workers who can accommodate their desired timeframe, resulting in delays for urgent tasks. Another issue is the lack of skill specialization, making it difficult to find workers with the specific expertise required for certain tasks.Trust and reliability concerns also arise, as users may find it challenging to assess a worker's professionalism and quality of work based solely on online profiles. Limited reviews and recommendations further contribute to the difficulty in evaluating a worker's reputation.



To address the challenges users face when finding workers for their tasks, the Worker Discovery Application can implement several solutions. First, advanced availability filters incorporated, allowing users to specify their desired timeframe and find workers who can accommodate their schedule. Additionally, specialized skill search options introduced, enabling users to search for workers with specific expertise relevant to their tasks. A robust review and rating system implemented to provide users with feedback from previous clients, helping them make informed decisions.

Hegemonic case Study-Search work

Research process

Our research involved gathering user feedback through surveys, conducting in-depth competitor analyses, and exploring emerging technologies in the gig economy. By presenting compelling data and insights, our case study showcases the potential of Search Work App to streamline the process of finding workers and provide users with a convenient and efficient platform to fulfill their work-related needs.

With our research-backed recommendations, Search Work App can offer a seamless user experience, improved worker matching algorithms, enhanced communication features, and a robust review system. Our case study demonstrates the transformative impact Search Work App can have on connecting users with the right workers, empowering individuals to accomplish their tasks with confidence and ease.


This resulted in an influx of new users with a positive feedback


With a monthly average of 5500 unique visitors. This represents a 55% growth compared of the application overall.


Approximately 79.5 % of our monthly traffic consists of visitors, indicating a strong connection of workers and Search Work App

Over 2000

On a daily basis, 2000 people are engaging to find opportunities.