Case-3 Study Hegemonicsoftwares on UM Digital Marketing Website
Hegemonic case-3 study

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UM Marketing


  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Development


  • React JS
  • Laravel

Problem and Solution



Understanding Diverse Target Audiences

The project may cater to various businesses with diverse target audiences, each with different preferences and needs.


Managing Information Architecture

The project may involve a lot of content and services, leading to potential information overload and navigation difficulties


Ensuring Mobile Responsiveness

Adapting the design to various screen sizes and devices while maintaining a seamless user experience can be challenging


Handling Content Presentation

Presenting different types of content (text, images, videos) in a way that engages users and communicates effectively.



Conduct thorough research to create user personas representing different client types. This will help tailor the design to specific user groups and enhance user satisfaction


Create a clear and intuitive information architecture by organizing content hierarchically and implementing consistent navigation patterns. Conduct usability testing to validate the effectiveness of the design.


Adopt a mobile-first approach to design and test the UI on different devices and resolutions to ensure responsiveness. Utilize responsive design frameworks for efficiency.


Employ content hierarchy techniques such as headings, bullet points, and multimedia elements to present information clearly and attractively.

Hegemonic case-3 study of UM Digital Marketing
Overview of UM Digital Marketing Hegemonic Case Study

Research Process

This case study highlights the collaborative efforts of the UM Digital team in improving the user experience (UX) of their website. By leveraging user-centered design principles and conducting thorough research, the team aimed to create a website that effectively engages users, promotes brand awareness, and drives business growth.

In addition , we have enhance the UX of UM Digital’s website to improve user engagement and drive conversions. Conducted user research to understand the demographics, behaviors, goals, and pain points of the target audience. Analyzed competitor websites to identify industry best practices and gain insights into successful UX strategies. By integrating research findings, user feedback, and iterative design, we have created a website that aligns with user expectations, improves engagement, and ultimately supports UM Digital’s brand marketing goals.

UM Digital Marketing Hegemonic Case Study


Our team has created a user-friendly design that provides numerous benefits in various aspects.


The platform successfully acquired its initial 30,000 users within the first few months of its launch.


150+ brands we have worked with.


Every day, there is a continuous influx of subscribers to the newsletter.