After decades of teaching people how to create profitable blog websites from scratch, I’ve realized just how difficult it can be for first-time entrepreneurs to make technology work since they’re not in that field.

That is why I’ve been trying to find an affordable and easy solution for my audience that will take the fear out of their first big step when starting online.

Eventually, I came up with a very real conclusion – setting up your blog isn’t the best idea because you’ll waste your time getting frustrated and quitting/failing before ever even beginning.

Starting a blog from scratch can be intimidating. But once you’re set up with the right tools, it’s not difficult to get started; here are some points which keep in mind to start blogging immediately.

Hegemonic Softwares Blog Creation Service will provide you with a fully functioning, ready-made WordPress website that comes equipped with a StudioPress premium child theme built on the Genesis Framework (of your choice!) We will ensure an optimal installation of six must-have plugins for your new blog.

Blog Website in under 2 Days

It’s impossible to start moving furniture on a parcel of land, hanging drapes on a street address, or building a house on a solid foundation if you don’t yet have one.

The same goes for getting your website up and running, you can’t start filling it exclusively with blog posts and uploading videos without first designing it with blueprinted plans in sight along with the help of hosting service providers and choosing the best theme.

There are several different ways to understand, how your website will work, and this can be difficult for a newbie or someone who is just getting into the world of blogging.

The best way to know whether you’re picking the right site-building platform. That’s why we offer my Blog Creation Services, to give young aspiring entrepreneurs.

You have a way to create the blogs you want without needing to spend too much on learning the tech side of things beforehand, which is where most people go wrong when it comes to creating their website.

If you’re interested in building your website but don’t have the money or time to learn programming from scratch then we can save both! So let’s get started today by searching here.

Blog Website in under 2 Days

Blog Creation Service Package Includes

Professional Theme

The whole point of creating a custom recipe book for yourself and your customers is themed in keeping with your identity. This service includes a high-quality premium StudioPress theme specifically designed for non-profits, charities, small businesses, and more.

Professional Theme

Purchasing your Domain Name

As you know, it’s important for your blog to have a strong presence on the Internet in order to get found by your target prospects. So today I’m going to walk you through the process of registering your domain name, also known as a URL, which is like an address that people use when attempting to find your blog website from anywhere on the internet!

Purchasing your Domain Name

Creating a Web Hosting Account

You get step-by-step assistance purchasing a domain name and web hosting! This is where your website lives when it is created so it’s important to have the right information.

We find that the following steps listed in order help you make the best purchase decisions as they are based on SEO/user experience best practices. Learn how to choose a great domain name; learn how to make sure it’s easy for search engines to crawl, index, and rank content written on your website.

Creating a Web Hosting Account

Install the Theme of your Blog

We install your theme, configure and design it to look as gorgeous as the demo on StudioPress, configured for optimum performance, and ready to use.

Your blog will look amazing and you will have your own domain name just like other professional blogs. After we finished installing the theme, you will be able to log into your new website and immediately start filling your new blog with content.

Essential Plugins

The following plugins will be installed and configured to get your blog up and running;

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Smush
  3. Rublon
  4. Akismet
  5. JetPack
  6. WP Forms

What Happens After You Purchase The Blog Creation Service?

  1. To get started, just click the “Buy It Now” button. Once your payment is made, you will be guided to a confirmation page where you check whether everything’s been answered correctly for my reference.
  2. A few minutes later when I finish working on some current projects and you receive an email from us with a chat invite from my company’s account, we’ll head over to Skype so that you can speak with me personally.
  3. We’re going to walk you through creating your account, picking and paying for hosting, changing your name servers, and installing WordPress. Almost every host can change your name servers, but ours will be the fastest.
  4. Your website is about to look fabulous! You will be able to find many premiums, and beautiful themes for your site by browsing the StudioPress online site.

These designs are among the most well-coded WordPress designs in existence and will make your blog look good, but more importantly, they will function perfectly.